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Work Hard Mom Hard

Jun 17, 2019

I used to be the girl who would have one too many tequilas at a party and tell all my friends to quit their jobs and follow their dreams. I would map the whole trajectory of their business and tell them how amazing they would be. Naturally, they would just laugh at me and then tell me I was crazy. But I loved my naivety and willingness to dream.

Now after having been an “entrepreneur” for four years and have practiced what I preach, I’m singing a different tune.

That doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t quit your day job, but I do believe there are some fundamental things you should focus on before you do. And in this episode, I dive into them!


Highlights for this mindset:

1:25 - The truth of the Instagram quote cards

3:49 - How I got lucky when I started as a coach

5:21 - You should not burn the ships and quit your job.

7:34 - What I would have done if I could do it again.

8:05 - Two things to do now to prepare to take your side hustle full-time

10:56 - Why it's better to build your dreams on anticipation

14:04 - Okay, but how will I know when it's time to really quit?


About me:

I’m Kari Keating, mom of 3 young boys, that ditched a 17-year, 6 figure corporate career to go after her dreams. I’ve been coaching professionally for over 2 years and have had a wide variety of clients from recording artists, website developers, photographers, professional network marketers and other life coaches.

My zone of genius lies in helping soul-based entrepreneurs get out of their heads and into inspired action, so they can make the impact they crave and the income they deserve.

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Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary - andrew [at]