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Work Hard Mom Hard

Nov 22, 2018

The transition to the holiday season seems to come on fast and furious. We go from finally settling into our routines with the kids and school and business to a swift time change followed by holiday breaks and being inundated with excitement and chaos. Even for someone who doesn’t manage multiple schedules, clients and businesses this time of year can be extremely stressful, but layer on all the chaos that we as working mama’s have and it’s EXTRA.

So, dear friends, how do we manage it? My suggestion - lower our expectations of being able to get it all done.


1. Prioritize the 1-3 things that you need get done in the week.

2. Adjust your schedule.

3. Adjust what your idea of success looks like this week.

4. Turn your expectation into appreciation.


Follow these simple steps to a more spacious and joyful holiday season!


Highlights for this episode:

2:26 - Why am I acting like this version of Kari?

6:46 - The questions to ask when the holiday tries to break you


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