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Work Hard Mom Hard

Nov 19, 2018

On the show we have my soul-sister and dear friend, Jillian Bolanz. Jillian is a Life and Business Coach, writer, speaker, and facilitator. She is the host of True You Live - an inspirational, self-discovery, in-person event. She also hosts the Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz podcast and the self-published author of "True You: A Self-Discovery Journal for the Curious Heart".

The founder of multiple coaching programs and the leader of many in-person retreats and experiences, Jillian helps motivated women loosen their grip on force and control, lean into trust, and create the lives and businesses they truly want.

Jillian's mission is to help women feel empowered in their true selves. She guides them in spreading that truth in a way that feels life-giving and joyful to them - from within their own homes through building an incredible online presence - and allows them to make an enormous impact on the world.

She's helped women across America through this self-discovery and life/business building journey all while being home and present for her husband, her two sons, and her own true self.

This episode is for you if…

* you feel like there’s too much noise out there and want to learn how to simplify your messaging.


Highlights of our conversation

4:13 - Getting to know Jillian

7:58 - How do you evolve individually in romantic and personal relationships, together?

12:29 - The feminine and masculine in each of us, and how to acknowledge and engage both

16:06 - Why it’s time to pivot and for women to change the world

19:19 - How to give yourself what you truly want

21:47 - What do you do if your job makes your skin crawl, but you can’t quit?

27:53 - If I believe life is happening for me, what do I need to take responsibility for?

31:14 - The transition from the job I hated to the job I loved

38:30 - What does self-discovery look like? How do I get started?

46:23 - Two more things to help you get started on self-discovery

50:59 - A word on crystals

53:27 - An invitation if you feel stuck

58:24 - What Jillian is most excited about in her business


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