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Work Hard Mom Hard

Jan 15, 2019

Corina Tripon is the life and business growth coach behind the brand Ginger Root. Her ambition is to empower women to own their gifts and rise with audacity in their opportunities. Corina coaches female entrepreneurs to find the flow in their hustle and freedom in God’s grace with a bold voice and a gracious heart. She has built a thriving coaching business leveraging social media and hosting live empowerment events in her city. Corina and her husband Branden are raising their two little boys, Cruz (4) and Cash (4 months) in beautiful Spokane, Washington.


Highlights of our conversation:

3:16 - Getting to know Corina

9:13 - Life when you marry your best friend

11:09 - Corina's incredible journey to become a coach

14:52 - Paying attention to that desire for more out of life

19:48 - Knowing when to leave your security net

21:39 - The struggles in building a brand

25:42 - The importance of showing up for God's vision

27:27 - Kids in the mix of a growing business

30:52 - Adjusting to the seasons of your life and body

33:11 - Connecting to yourself

39:28 - The process of getting unstuck

42:45 - Questions to help you get unstuck

47:52 - Tools for moving past your big fear

49:39 - How to find your value and pricing

52:36 - What it looks like to work with Corina


Connect with Corina:

Check out her website -

Follow her on Instagram -


About me:

I’m Kari Keating, mom of 3 young boys, that ditched a 17-year, 6 figure corporate career to go after her dreams. I’ve been coaching professionally for over 2 years and have had a wide variety of clients from recording artists, website developers, photographers, professional network marketers and other life coaches.

My zone of genius lies in helping soul-based entrepreneurs get out of their heads and into inspired action, so they can make the impact they crave and the income they deserve.



Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary -