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Work Hard Mom Hard

Dec 13, 2018

Is money everything? Nope. But if you aren’t making money in your business then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

If that statement just hit you in the gut and made you ask yourself some serious questions, then what I’m creating for 2019 might just be your game changer to help you go from hobby-lady to boss-babe faster than you can say B A N A N A.

Sister, it’s time to cut the cords of the anchors that are holding you down and holding you back from spreading your wings.

This experience won’t be right for everyone, but if you are ready to fly, I invite you to schedule a breakthrough call today to see if it is right for you.

A breakthrough call with me might be for you if:

* you are done spinning your wheels doing ALL THE THINGS and want to know the fastest and most soul-fueled way to your dreams.

* you are craving community with like-minded women who are on a similar path.

* you want your business to be equal parts strategy and equal parts soul.

* you are done trying to “fit the mold.”

* you are ready to build efficiencies in your business so you can spend more time with the people who matter the most (aka the whole reason you are doing this in the first place).

* you are ready to rock your first five-figure month (or week) with ease.

* you are ready to get CLEAR and stay FOCUSED!

If you are ready to make 2019 THE year, then let’s do this! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Connect with me today!

Highlights for this episode:

1:06 - The nuts and bolts of the Mastermind

8:06 - The fastest way to achieve your dreams

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About me:

I’m Kari Keating, mom of 3 young boys that ditched a 17-year, 6 figure corporate career to go after her dreams. I’ve been coaching professionally for over 2 years and have had a wide variety of clients from recording artists, website developers, photographers, professional network marketers and other life coaches.

My zone of genius lies in helping soul-based entrepreneurs get out of their heads and into inspired action, so they can make the impact they crave and the income they deserve.


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