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Work Hard Mom Hard

Oct 21, 2019

Sara Schulting-Kranz is a Professional Coach, Wilderness and Grand Canyon Guide, Executive Producer of "Walk Through This" - a documentary feature in production of her healing journey in nature - and a single mom of three amazing sons.

As a multiple trauma survivor, Sara coaches individual men and women through their own life- shifting journeys of healing and transformation. When not working with individual clients, you will find her guiding transformational coaching, hiking, adventure, meditation and breath-work re- treats in the Grand Canyon and mountains of Southern California.

As a writer, Sara is represented by Folio Literary Management based in New York City. As a cool fun fact, Sara was a guide for female blind Paralympian and Adventure Seeker, Shawn Cheshire, as she set a world record on October 8, 2018 as the only blind woman to hike the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim: 42 miles in 24 hours, 15 minutes!

In this conversation Kari and Sara go deep on forgiveness, radical responsibility, trauma, and so much more. If you have experienced any pain, trauma, betrayal, then this episode will give you tools and action steps to begin learning and growing from these life moments. Join in this welcoming and loving conversation on the difficulty and importance of forgiveness.


4:23 - Getting personal with Sara

6:32 - Who Sara serves

7:29 - How Sara helps others heal from trauma

9:58 - What is my responsibility to myself?

11:29 - How do you close the gap with people not ready to take responsibility?

14:10 - The power of the physical presence of others to help you heal

15:32 - How you reach your highest self

17:51 - The hard is your greatest teacher

19:18 - One way to handle trauma and betrayal in your life

22:45 - Staying safe in comfortable anger

24:18 - Can pain feel powerful?

25:58 - Building a foundation to handle trauma at any age

27:19 - Where people struggle the most with forgiveness

31:43 - Stop overcomplicating things

35:19 - What do I need the most right now?

37:44 - The state of forgiveness is a daily practice

40:22 - The freedom of accepting responsibility

42:24 - What Sara is working on now


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I’m Kari Keating, mom of 3 young boys, that ditched a 17-year, 6 figure corporate career to go after her dreams. I’ve been coaching professionally for over 2 years and have had a wide variety of clients from recording artists, website developers, photographers, professional network marketers and other life coaches.

My zone of genius lies in helping soul-based entrepreneurs get out of their heads and into inspired action, so they can make the impact they crave and the income they deserve.

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Interview - Sara Schulting-Kranz

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