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Work Hard Mom Hard

Mar 11, 2019

I had the honor of sharing my story this past weekend at The Bliss Project. It was such a beautiful space full of women - 500 of them - who were ready to let go of the things that were holding them back from living an incredibly abundant life.

I shared some of the traumas that have happened to me over the past few years and how I’ve moved through them. I recently shared on this podcast my biggest lessons while navigating these traumas. My talk was so well received, and it was surprising how many women could find themselves in my story.

But after I spoke, I had probably 20 women come up to me after and ask, “How do you forgive people when they’ve done something so hurtful to you?”

I heard so many stories and situations of real trauma, and I could see the pain in these women’s eyes. Yes, pain from the actual situation, but more so pain from just wanting to move on and not really knowing how to.

When I really sat with it and asked myself how I forgave and moved on, the realization that I had was that I was able to remove me from the equation. I know that other people's actions and words have nothing to do with me. They are just projections of their own insecurities. By taking myself out of the equation, I’m able to remove my emotion from it and allow myself the space to see things a bit more clearly. It doesn’t take away the pain of the action that was done, but it allowed me the space to move on.


Highlights for this episode:

0:58 - The truth behind my personal meditation time

2:16 - What does forgiveness have to do with mindset?

2:52 - I recap The Bliss Project weekend

5:08 - How do you start to forgive?

7:06 - A personal, family example to help you see your story in my own

9:58 - One mindset to help you move towards forgiveness

11:52 - An invitation


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About me:

I’m Kari Keating, mom of 3 young boys that ditched a 17-year, 6 figure corporate career to go after her dreams. I’ve been coaching professionally for over 2 years and have had a wide variety of clients from recording artists, website developers, photographers, professional network marketers and other life coaches.

My zone of genius lies in helping soul-based entrepreneurs get out of their heads and into inspired action, so they can make the impact they crave and the income they deserve.



Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary - spelledgeary [at] gmail [dot] com